I'm a mum - a wife - a corporate professional - and like most other people in this world, I'm busy...

I’ve always been busy in some sense of the word.  But after becoming a mum, I definitely found myself reassessing my priorities and the use of my time.

Network marketing was definitely NOT something I went looking for.

But I remember, when I first stumbled across this opportunity in February 2016 – amongst all the skepticism – amongst all my friends who told me I was crazy – amongst all the reasons I had NOT to go to my first networking event (which I ultimately committed to doing this) – thinking…

“In the 15 years I've been with my husband, I’ve probably spent more time AWAY from him than I have WITH him.”

For the 7 years when we were first together, we were in the Army, and I spent 4 overseas deployments (2 years) without him. Add on top of that his own overseas deployments + time that we both spent out field + training… we easily spent 3-4 years apart.

When we left the military, my husband went straight into FIFO mining – so since 2008 I’ve seen him 1 week out of every 2.  Or I’ve seen him 4 years out of 8.

Earlier in my life when I was 17, my dad (who was my best friend and confidant) died tragically and unexpectedly.  So I found myself contemplating... if that same situation arose for my daughter (living the life that we were living before now) that would mean she would spend less than 9 years of her life with her dad.

I don’t need to tell you how sad that makes me feel.

So I carried out all my due diligence... I listened to testimonials of real people who had changed their life with this opportunity in a very small period of time... and I figured I had nothing to lose. EXCEPT MORE TIME AS A SEPARATED FAMILY UNIT.

Fast forward to today – I could talk about our health and finances, both of which have improved, but what's really important to me is TIME.  It's all about time.

Time is not a commodity that you can buy / sell / exchange.

It gets given to you once, and if you don’t use it wisely – it’s gone.  So above all else, this is what we are working towards – making full use of the limited time that we have on this planet!