How terrible is that feeling when you’re face-to-face with someone delivering to you their well-rehearsed list of excuses?!

Honest to god, it's the funniest - most awkward - uncomfortable situation to be in EVER.

Like when you’ve had one too many detox teas the night before and someone starts talking… the urge suddenly overwhelms you… there’s a HUGE load of shit coming your way… but you’re powerless to stop it.  Heeeeeelp!

I'm not talking excuses like "I’m a single mum with no family support who just gave birth to quadruplets”…  I'm talking "hating on life but too lazy/scared/busy-drowning-in-my-own-self-pity to take charge”.

I feel for you, I do.  But your excuses still make me uncomfortable.

I've been there... BAT-SHIT-SCARED.  I worked for a boss once who made my life a living hell because I left the office for 2hrs to attend a funeral.  A FUNERAL!  Top guy he was.

So I say to these people who tell me it’s not for them / they’re too scared/busy/poor:

You can’t afford it?  You mean you’re putting a price on your health and/or your future?  If that’s the case, you can’t afford NOT to do it!

Working for yourself is "scary"?  The thought of answering to someone else every day for the rest of your life until retirement isn't? 

Can you imagine how terrible it would be to have the luxury of attending every single one of your child's sport carnivals/school events, because you don't have to first get permission from your boss?  Horrendous.  Said no-one ever.

Let's talk about that sheer terror you would feel paying off your mortgage... retiring your husband... holidaying all summer in Europe.  Mortifying.  Oh my gosh, I never want that.

C'mon!!  GET REAL!

All of us are scared.

Fight.  Or flight.

FIGHT for your future.  FIGHT for your health.  FIGHT for your financial freedom.  FIGHT for time with you kids.  FIGHT for everything you love.

Or fly... fly back to where very little will change, but it's safe. 

Whatever you choose is ok with me...

But from the bottom of my heart, I implore you to fight – because just past your comfort zone is where the magic happens!

Fi x

Fi Mathewson