My hubby and I have been together since we both joined the Army (16 years ago), so we’ve been together a really long time... 

But between the army, uni, long hours in a law firm, and more recently FIFO (fly-in-fly-out) mining life, we’ve also spent a lot of time apart. 

For a long time I desensitised myself to the separations, but when we welcomed our daughter into our lives it became abundantly clear that all the money in the world still wouldn't buy us the most precious gift we can give this little girl... our TIME.

And isn't it funny that we refer to time as this “free” commodity??  Because it’s not at... AT ALL!

You can’t own time.

You can’t keep time.

And when it’s gone, you can’t get it back. 

When I was serving my first overseas deployment with the military my dad died suddenly in a horrible accident.  I knew the second that happened that I hadn't spent as much TIME with him in the year preceding that as I should have...  I was so wrapped up in “my life” and the whole “army thing”, I just didn’t make it a priority. 

So I regret that.  A lot.

BUT…… there should never be regrets, only lessons.

And so my lesson was that if I ever had children of my own, my #1 priority needed to be to spend as much time as possible with them. 

And that's how I found myself here, thinking: IF I DON'T TAKE CHARGE OF MY FAMILIY'S FUTURE, WHO WILL?! 

I'm not talking about money.  I can earn volumes of money beyond my wildest dreams, but it’s not everything. 

I'm not talking about products.  They speak for themselves.

It's TIME.

Until recently, I still wasn't giving my daughter the one thing I promised myself I would – maximum time with her parents. 

If we kept doing what we were doing, life would be comfortable, yes.  But in 2-5 years it wouldn't be all that different from a TIME perspective.

We want to be a healthy, happy, active, full-time family WHILE WE'RE STILL IN OUR 30’s!

In less than 6 months some of our dreams of financial and time freedom are already starting to be realised; and this is just the start...

I won't beg anyone to be a part of this.  But I do implore anyone with an open mind to take a look.

Fi Mathewson