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I was raised by a labourer father & a stay-at-home mum.

They sacrificed their worlds to create a good life for me and my siblings; it wasn't always easy for them, and I knew it.  So, I've never been afraid to work hard for what I want.


I joined the military when I was 17 and that's where I stayed for 7 years, including 4 overseas deployments. I loved the camaraderie and physical aspects of the Army, but mentally I longed for more.


Halfway through my military career, I began my law degree.

And in my final years of study, discharged from the Army to work in a law firm. As time passed, I realised that whilst I loved—even thrived—on the pressure and challenges that environment offered, it wasn't the lifestyle I wanted forever. 


I convinced my (now) husband to move interstate, and we proceeded to pack our entire lives into one car and travel across the Nullarbor in search of something better.


We both landed great jobs in mining companies & merrily continued on with life.

After 14 years together we finally eloped in Vegas, honeymooned in Europe, and the following year, welcomed the most divine little human into our lives. Life should have been complete—and in many respects it was—but little did I know what was around the corner.


By an act of pure randomness, I met a woman who showed me an opportunity that would change my life completely.

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I now have my own business, working hours I choose, with a team of incredible individuals.

For someone who had always been part of a structured organisation, with the 'protection' of a boss, this was totally out of my comfort zone. But as it goes, nothing great is achieved by playing it safe.


After much skepticism—I jumped... the wisest decision I ever made. Together, my team & I teach people across the world how to create a life of total freedom.


The buzz about Fi

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Fi now for many months. She has been an absolute breath of fresh air, and my business has gone through the roof since we started working together.

Her drive and enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. She’s a phenomenal mentor and coach of mine, and also a beautiful friend.

Fi is there for me 100% and her support is amazing. If you are even considering going into business for yourself then please reach out to Fi today. You couldn’t be mentored by a better person.
— Bec Collier, Perth AU
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fi for the past few months. Her passion, industry expertise and quality coaching techniques are only the beginning of what make her the respected leader that she is!

Fi’s honest, laser focused, dedicated to her peers and has a naturally approachable vibe. Having the opportunity to work with Fi has been pivotal in both my personal and professional growth and for that I will be eternally grateful.
— Jessica French, Bunbury AU
Fi is incredibly fun-loving, cheerful and dedicated – such an inspiring woman! When I met her I immediately knew that we would get along as she is so easy-going, and always happy to help.

Working with Fi as a mentor been a very positive experience; I am so grateful to call Fi a business partner, and most of all, a friend.
Fi has a flare for business that I’ve only ever seen in a select few. She has an incredible drive to achieve only the best when it comes to her work, and she commits herself entirely to each and every project.

She is dedicated and motivated, not only to her own success, but she will always ensure the success of her team as a priority before her own.

Fi’s brilliant business mindset, combined with her incredible work ethic, makes her a powerhouse in the business world.

She is an incredibly thoughtful person; selfless, understanding and considerate. These traits not only make her a fantastic role model, but an unbelievable friend, and I am proud to be associated with her in both business and friendship.

The best thing I can do share with you how I did it, and how you can, too...


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